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KH Group - Corporate Social Responsibilities

Water Purification

The process of leather transformation from hide to tanned usable leather, traditionally uses ridiculously large quantities of water. At the KH Group, we have broken the bonds of this age old process. Not only do we use the latest technology available to reduce water consumption, we also recycle our used water. The facility employs pre-treatment and softening of the treated effluent followed by an Ultra Filtration system before it is treated in the Reverse Osmosis unit. The capacity of the RO Plant at our unit is 500 Kilolitres/day (half a million litres/day). With these 3 stages of RO units we recover 85% of clean water at a quality equivalent to normal potable water which is Re-Used completely in the Leather Processing. The remaining 15% reject water which is concentrated saline water is evaporated in an Improved Solar Evaporation (ISES) and thus achieving “Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)” of wastewater and thus preventing any liquid discharge and ground contamination.


Part of the KH Group’s corporate social responsibility has been the development of a 150 bed hospital in Melvisharam, Tamil Nadu. This hospital is jointly run by Apollo Hospitals India & the KH Group. This healthcare facility is one of a kind in this region and was built specifically keeping in mind the strong workforce of the KH Group that calls that part of the world their home. The hospital is constantly upgraded with the latest of medical technology so that there are no holds barred in the domain of health care for the KH Group employees or the people of that region.