We’ll handcraft your shoes to your specifications using the finest materials and bespoke workmanship. Find your perfect fit in our exceptional range of H&S leather shoes. Our bespoke shoes take about 5 to 6 weeks for delivery from start to finish. We give you the ability to specify your personal preferences in size, colour, design, choice of leather, etc. Experience guided and personal attention with our shoe specialists at every step of the process. We are expert craftsmen, craving to create unique products and to transform bespoke design.


Prior Appointment

The first step is to schedule an appointment either online or by calling the store of your choice. A convenient time can be fixed as per the availability of the expert shoe fitter. For the elderly and specially aided customers, we can also do a house visit. Kindly note: We do not charge you for this service.


The first step by our expert shoe fitter is to thoroughly measure your feet,. Size, shape, width and every intricate little feature and most importantly the uniqueness of your feet is captured by our cutting edge 3D scanner. Since we still believe in some age old practices, we will manually measure your feet as well. All these measurements will be used to create the last with the help of which your shoes would be crafted.


Our style consultants will guide you with current fashion trends, and our designers will make the visuals just as you envisioned them. We aim to get the design, desire, preferences, and the shoes’ personality just right, only for you to have your perfect pair.


Once you are happy with the design, you have the liberty of choosing from our curated set of leathers, colours and shades. We encourage your creativity here, give it your personal twist by combining colours and textures.

Shoe Trials

We value your time, but we require you to be with us for a maximum of 3 appointments, for trials of your shoe or as our experts call it-"creating the masterpiece". Once you are comfortable with the trial pair, it takes a short time to create the masterpiece, hence, your bespoke shoes will be ready within 2 weeks from the time you approve the trial pair.