It’s 2021, and foot fashion is reaching new heights with each passing day. There
used to be a time when men had limited footwear types to choose from and
they had to make do with what was available. However, with the world of fashion
getting inspired by things that were seen happening around, men’s fashion has
taken a huge leap and continues to expand even today.

How Many Shoes Are Too Many Shoes?

Foot fashion, for men, in particular, has gone
through a revolution, changing the face of
fashion forever. As more and more footwear
companies come into existence, brands are
stepping up their game and coming up with
innovative and unique designs that have
sure turned multiple heads.
As more choices are made available for men,
they also bring along with them, a mountain
of confusion. Seeing about a hundred different designs and styles of footwear
being displayed in front of you, and having to choose the one that you like the
best may not always end well. Either you end up emptying your bank account
and purchasing more than what you need, or you end up going back home
empty-handed and having nothing to wear for the party that night.
In addition to that, being bombarded with too many choices can also confuse
you with respect to what you should wear with an outfit. We, without a doubt,
don’t want to show up at our crush’s party looking like a clown! We don’t see that
ending well. At all. To make sure you wear what goes with an outfit, you need to
make sure that you’ve made the right pick.
Apart from that, you also need to consider what kind of footwear works well for
you and what makes you stand out from the crowd. Choose those pairs that
work well with your attire, as well as attitude.

To Shoe Or Not To Shoe

Footwear can prove to be a man’s best friend, provided that they make the right
choice. As discussed earlier, having so many options to choose from, can get
your head spinning. Worry not, H&S has your back! To make all of this a little less
overwhelming for you footwear fanatics out there, we’ve put together a list of
men’s footwear that prove to be essential and useful for every occasion.
1. A sweet pair of brown loafers: Loafers are taking the footwear world by
the storm, ever since its arrival. This type of footwear goes well with almost
every casual piece of attire housed in your wardrobe. A pair of brown loafers
may also go with a selected number of your formal attires. They’re comfortable, they’re stylish and they’re perfect for someone new to experimenting
with fashion.
What more could you ask for?
Where to wear them?
Loafers look perfect with any casual attire and would especially help you
rock a brunch look or a lazy walk-in-the-park look!
2. Classy leather shoes, for every mood: Shoes are a staple in every men’s
wardrobe and leather shoes just add a touch of sophistication and elegance
to them. Leather shoes go well with formal outfits and help bring the look
together. The fashion industry has taken a step ahead and made available
custom handmade leather shoes for men, who wish to own a pair. The
greatest perk of owning one is the fit, comfort, and style, all of which you get
to customize.
Where to wear them?
Rock a pair of custom leather shoes for men at fancy dinner parties, weddings, or an important board meeting. If you wish to invest in the best
branded leather shoes for men, visit the H&S stores today!

3. Oxfords to the rescue: When it comes to nailing a formal outfit, oxford
shoes remain to be the undefeated king! Oxfords are the most sophisticated
pair of shoes designed for men. The right oxfords have the potential to take
a formal outfit from a four to a full and round ten. Every guy who wishes to
level up their footwear game must own a pair of black oxfords. They go with
everything formal and take your outfit from drab to fab in under a minute!
Where to wear them?
The best occasion to break into your brand new oxford shoes is wedding
parties, board meetings, or fancy luncheons. If you wish to purchase custom-made oxford shoes, look no further! Visit the H&S stores today!
4. The standard sandals: Don’t feel like dressing up, but want to look good?

Well, then simply go for a pair of great sandals. Sandals are finding them-
selves more and more popular among the men’s crowd with each passing

day. This pair of footwear is extremely comfortable as well as stylish enough,
perfect for a day you feel like dressing down. Sandals go well with almost all
your casuals and will help bring together the entire look, in under a minute.
Where to wear them?
Sandals are good to go for any casual outing. You can wear them for a day
out shopping or hanging out with friends, or even pack them for a beachy
vacation. Get your hands on the best sandals in town! Visit the H&S stores
5. Brown boots, your best loot: Just like men’s sandals, boots too, are leaving a mark in the men’s fashion industry. Boots are, no doubt, a little difficult
to carry, but those who can manage to pull it off will be sure to turn some
heads. Boots look fancy and feel comfortable and those are the perfect kind
of pairs to go for!
Where to wear them?
Boots are tricky to work with, but they go well with certain casual attires. Pair
them with long coats on winter night dinners or wear them with dark jeans
and you’re good to go! If you wish to score a sweet pair of boots, visit the H&S
stores today!

H&S is an artisanal shoe brand that
brings to its people, custom-made, shoes
of all kinds. Our shoe designs have lived
the test of time and remain evergreen in
the world of fast fashion. To explore our
collection, visit our website or hit the
nearest H&S store today!

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