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Handmade Customised Leather Shoes

There is a certain richness, colour, strength, texture and smell that pure leather has. The sheer joy of working with real leather has propelled us to become one of Asia’s largest tanneries, successfully operating from the past 75 years and growing strong, if not stronger.

Fine Leather

H&S sources the finest leather from around the world. Once the leather reaches our tanneries, our state-of-the-art machines take over. Good leather needs to live up to its reputation and hence we further examine the effects of rubbing, rain and general wear and tear. These specialized processes under expert scrutiny ensure that the leather bears the test of time, diligently unyielding.

Styles & Color

At H&S Leather Products, we like to create premium world-class designs that range from the classics, to modern and boldly contemporary. We garner styling inspiration from international brands, whilst keeping our designs as genuinely unique. Good styles need good shades of color hence we use state-of-the art vegetable tanning processes in a chrome free, eco-friendly environment. So now we have the perfect leather to craft a masterpiece!


Once we have tanned and processed leather, it’s time to start working on the masterpiece, so our designers take over. We have a team of specialist designers and craftsmen who have dedicated their careers to the art of creating a sensational leather product. They are equipped with the latest in software, scanning technologies and 3D printing as well, yet they have the skill to carve a last or hand stitch a leather wallet! Our expert designers have an eye for international fashion trends while at the same time not losing sight of practicality. We use specialised software to mark and cut leather so as to get maximum yield from one piece of tanned hide.

Premium Leather Shoes

H&S Specialises in making – Premium Handmade Customised Leather Shoes. Our designs are international, curated by a team of expert craftsmen and are exclusively for men. We have one of the largest selection of color, leather style and designs which can create a combination of well over 150 unique shoes. H&S can create special pairs for irregular feet or specially abled individuals as well. A 3D scanner along with manual measurements are used to get a precise last. The lasts are stored, per customer, per design, and can be used to replicate the shoe at a later time. H&S Customised Premium Handmade shoes can be purchased at retail stores in Chennai & Bangalore as well as on our website.


H&S Leather Products are anything but just leather, they are hand-crafted pieces of the H&S legacy that you get to take home, to be yours, exclusively. From the leather to the design, your shoe or leather product is truly unique. Our goal at H&S has never been to give you a product, but for you to have a unique experience, something you can cherish for a lifetime.