H&S offers a plethora of premium leather shoes that can be customized to your liking. You have a variety of options to choose from in terms of style and color. In case you wish to style your own premium leather shoes from scratch, we offer to make that possible for you as well.

H&S offers bespoke shoes to customers who wish to invest in one. We use the finest leather sourced ethically, to create artisanal leather footwear for you. Our expert craftsmen have mastered the art of molding leather the way our customers need it. Every step of the way that we begin designing and making bespoke shoes for you, we have experts guiding us to deliver the perfect results. How you can build your own bespoke shoes, according to your whims and fancies with our help, is explained below.

  1. Book An Appointment With Us: the first step to having us design your dream premium leather shoes is to book an appointment with us. We can book a slot convenient to both the parties involved.
  2. Take Your Measurement: The first thing that our expert shoe craftsman does is, take the measurements of your feet. To ensure that the pair fits you like a mold, we take our own sweet time to measure and double-check it so that there’s no fitting issue later. (We not only take Footmeasuremenst manually, we also have a footscanner which scans your feet and give us the measurements so that the same can be verified with the Manual Measurements.- Need to add this in a proper Phrase)
  3. Pick Your Design: This is the most fun and intriguing part of the process. Choosing the right design, that you think your feet will love, is everything. It can make or break the way the bespoke shoes turn out. We have a significant amount of designs you get to choose from. If you don’t like any and have a design in mind that will help you complement your style and personality, we can make that happen as well! (NO – We only allow customers to select from the Designs we have in the store – So need to remove this phrase)
  4. Choose Your Preferences: Designs are only any good, if you choose the right color, make and type of leather you wish to have. Here too, you have several colors to explore and types of leather to choose from. If you wish to get a little creative, you can choose to add multiple textures and shades of leather, to make it perfect for you.
  5. Final Fittings: When all of the above steps are completed, all you have to do is wait for us to reach out to you when the shoes are made. This can typically take about two weeks. You can show up at your convenience and we can have a fitting arranged for you. Please note that these pairs will not be the final product. Final fitting occurs before adding all the tiny details to make sure that the fit sits right with you.

A pair of bespoke shoes takes about 6-8 weeks, from start to finish, to reach its customer. Get in touch with us to fix an appointment with our expert shoe fitters.

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