The world of fashion, so closely associated with glitz and glamour, is constantly evolving with each passing day. Fast fashion is taking the industry by the storm, and people are getting increasingly interested in exploring unfamiliar and unique styles in the world of fashion.

However, with so many options out there comes a sense of responsibility. A sense of responsibility to carry forward the old-school fashion that can never go out of style. In the world of fashion, old-school styles never cease to exist, like when a fashion enthusiast wishes to stick to their roots and go back to something they find themselves comfortable in. One such evergreen gem among the lot is a good old pair of leather shoes. As many new fashion fads pop up and old fashion trends make a comeback, leather shoes are the only ones that never left the stage or lost the spotlight. Among a plethora of leather shoes, the ones that never fail to disappoint are exquisite and timeless, handmade ones.


What’s The Fuss All About With Leather Shoes?

Fast fashion is, no doubt, here to stay. As one trend becomes as quickly redundant as a new fad arrives, fashion enthusiasts often wish to go back to something they’ve known and nurtured for years. Timeless, evergreen fashion never fails to disappoint and is always there, having your back when you need it the most. That’s the position a pair of premium leather shoes fill in. Bespoke shoes are always a great investment and will help you bring your A-game every single time.

When it comes to bringing a formal outfit together, and adding a touch of sophistication to it, these bespoke shoes never fail to disappoint. They always pull through and can elevate an outfit easily in under a minute. A pair of premium leather shoes are a great addition to your foot wardrobe. If you wish to classy up your wardrobe with something timeless and evergreen, you can always depend upon a good pair of these premium leather shoes.

Premium leather shoes may require a great investment, but it’s worth it. You can style a pair of these bespoke shoes in any way you want, and you’ll end up looking like someone straight out of an aesthetic fashion magazine. Every single time.


Tips To Keep Your Bespoke Shoes Spotless And Fine

While premium leather shoes are timeless and evergreen and thus need to find a place in your wardrobe, maintaining said shoes is important, to increase their lifespan. Follow these tips and watch your pair stay as good as new, even when it collects dust in your closet!

  • Use a soft-bristled brush and a soft washcloth to clean your leather shoes. Leather shoes are delicate and may not be able to take the hardness of regular shoe brushes.
  • Clean them with a washcloth and a soft brush, before and after you wear them to ensure that it does not have any dust accumulated.
  • Use a special leather conditioner, to polish your leather shoes every 15 days. This will keep away regular wear and tear of the leather, maintaining its luster and softness for long.
  • Do not tug or pull at the back of the shoes while wearing them. Instead, use a shoehorn to gently push your feet in. This will protect the leather from weakening.
  • Keep your leather shoes away from water. Water tarnishes its quality, and may at times, lead to its decay. Store your shoes in a place where you’re sure water won’t disturb them, especially during rainy seasons. Always wear socks before putting on leather shoes, to avoid perspiration affecting your leather shoe quality.
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